Perfect Gucci Handmaster Series Replica Leather Strap Watches For Sale

Perfect Gucci Handmaster Series Replica Leather Strap Watches For Sale

Replica Gucci Leather Strap Watches brand is from Italy, is known for making leather, then in fashion, scarves, watches, leather bags, perfume, etc, is one of the important luxury brand symbol of luxury.In this year’s Basel Watches show, Gucci watches also have new activities, introduced many watches, both men and women, to show its diversified brand attributes, and prove that classical again.


Replica Gucci New Handmaster Series Watches reveal the tabulation technology of gucci is pure, to accurately reflect high-end tabulation technology of automatic mechanical watches, all the watches have been assembled by hand, each meter of creation were meticulous.Male version 32.5 x 33 mm size, polishing stainless steel rectangular case, disk with a black sun wen, diamond stone decorative pattern, design classic silver Roman numerals and a pointer, carrying GP3300 machine core, with 46 hours store, set 32 stones, vibration frequency of 28800 times per hour.


Make the function of the High Quality Fake Replica Gucci Watches set date display and dynamic display storage, black alligator strap. Female table similar to men’s design, the size of 26.5 x 27.5 mm, polished stainless steel with rose gold adjustable pointer and digital, carrying GP2700 movement, 36 hours of dynamic storage.


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