The Especially Valued Replica Rolex Watches Prince from Cellini Collection

The Especially Valued Replica Rolex Watches Prince from Cellini Collection

As the centrepiece of the Cellini Collection, the rare known fake Rolex watches Prince are watches of great distinction. Based on an original model from the 1920s, the Prince continues a historical association between replica Rolex and the world’s most influential people.

Rolex Prince Cillini Watches Replica

The Prince is somewhat of a speciality in the luxury copy Rolex Cellini collection. They are the only rectangular cased watches currently produced by Rolex, and unlike the Oyster models also have transparent sapphire crystal casebacks providing full view of the COSC certified movement.

The dial is much more decorated than you would normally associate with replica Rolex, and is notably missing the designation ‘perpetual’. This is because the Prince is powered by a hand-wound movement. Hand-wound movements, like the Prince, are a very traditional touch for fake Rolex, who pride themselves on being the pioneer of the self-winding copy watches.

Rolex Prince Cellini Watches Replica1

The Prince watches are not the most recognisable of Rolex watches or other popular Swiss made replica watches, but the tradition and elegant lines make them an attractive option for the Rolex buyer who craves a more subtle statement. This is definitely the fake Rolex for those who wear a suit everyday and would prefer not to mix smart dress with sporty watches.

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