Development History Of US Rolex Turn-O-Graph Replica Watches

Development History Of US Rolex Turn-O-Graph Replica Watches

After the Second World War, Rolex finally came to the flourish in 1950s. In 1953, Turn-O-Graph, Submariner and Explorer were born in the world. In 1954, the GMT-Master and Milgauss were born. The perfect Rolex fake watches developed a lot in instrument watches industry, becoming the pioneer in the watchmaking industry.

The Turn-O-Graph model provides greater robustness.
Practical Rolex Oyster Imitation Watch

The first model of Turn-O-Graph Ref.6202

As the pioneer of instrument watches, the function of the Rolex Turn-O-Graph copy watch with steel case is recording the time. From the advertisement of Turn-O-Graph, you will see that the definition of the model was “time recorder” at that time. Here we will have a look at the models of Turn-O-Graph.

The two timepieces are with the different style.
Robust Rolex Turn-O-Graph Fake Watch

The first one was created in 1954. The imitation watch with black dial looks similar to the old Submariner. The second model features a gold bezel. These two watches are with quite different style for at that time, Rolex didn’t classify its collections well.

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