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Hermes Arceau Series Millefiori Perfect Watches Replica

Hermes Arceau Series Millefiori Perfect Watches Replica

Replica Hermes Watches Arceau Series (Millefiori) watch launched advanced Basel jewellery fair in 2014.The table of crystal face and table cover adopt originated from the 19th century saint Louis crystal workshop(Millefiori).Mechanical movement with hermes watch factory produced in Switzerland mutual reflect. The watch at the same time introduced the pink, blue, and colorful three color optional.


With thousands of color paper craft to represent Hermes Arceau Blue Series Copy Watches in the town of thousands of flower watch dial is the wrist watch side using the wrist of the production process for the first time. All by called “pot furnace” crystal furnace.Crystal craftsman to metal torch into the melting pot, pulled out a crystal coloursor enamel, enamel of the crystal molten state by hand or spinning.Homogeneous formation contains no bubbles, until the monochrome crystal cooling forming, to build “Millefiori” pattern of crystal core column


Again by the second craftsmen took another torch attached at the other end of the melt Hermes Crystal Fake Pink Watches, will quickly before the crystal or enamel cooling blowpipe, pull out a few meters long fine crystal core column, its diameter is only a few millimeters.