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US Fake Mido Watches

US Fake Mido Watches

As is known to all, Mido Fake Watches inspiration comes from the more buildings, magnificent architecture briefing to the drawings, which requires designers have the ability to seize the architectural essence. From these three watches and progressive type of concave dial scale, still can find the shadow of the Colosseum in Rome.


The Replica Mido Watches diameter is 42.5 mm, wrist table watchcase used titanium material.The black circular dial with progressive transformation design highlights the verve of the Colosseum, orange and yellow time scale on the black dial add vitality.


The High Quality Mido Watches at twelve o ‘clock direction is equipped with timing set, 30 minutes at three o ‘clock direction is date and week display window, at 6 o ‘clock direction is twelve hours timing set, direction is small seconds set at nine o ‘clock.